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Prosecco Terre di Marca - Gold Gilbert & Gaillard
06-04-2017 14:15:00

We are proud to announce that our two Terre di Marca Prosecco won the gold medal at Gilbert & Gaillard's international competition 2017.

'Rosso Riserva 2012' gold at Mundus Vini
08-03-2017 14:11:00

We are proud to announce that our 'Rosso Riserva 2012' won the gold medal at Mundus Vini.

Corvezzo - 2017 Wine Exibitions Program
10-01-2017 20:24:00

Corvezzo is glad to announce the 2017 Wine Exhibitions in which it will be present as exhibitor:

  • Vinisud, January 29 -30 -31st (B3/C40)
  • Millésime BIO, January 30th – February 1st (485)
  • ProWein, March 19-20-21st (H16/C30)
  • Vinitaly, April 9-10-11-12th (H7/S10)

Appointment arrangement and

Corvezzo - 2016 Wine Exibitions Program
21-01-2016 14:16:00

Corvezzo is glad to announce the 2016 Wine Exibitions in wich it will be present as exhibitor:

  • Millésime BIO, january 25-26-27th, 2016 (B1/381)
  • Biofach, february 10-11-12-13th, 2016 (H7/7-849)
  • Vinisud, february15-16-17th, 2016 (B3/A44)
  • ProWein, march 13-14-15th, 2016 (H16/B33)
  • Vinitaly, april 10-11-12-13th, 2016 (H7/S10)

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Corvezzo Wine earned the USDA – NOP certification
21-07-2015 18:00:00

CESSALTO (Italy) –The Corvezzo Family is proud to announce the achievement of a new important goal, which not only pays off the hard work of the Corvezzo Wine in the organic field, but that will also foster the Corvezzo's lifelong process of improvement.

BioAgriCert (a company accredited to USDA – United States Department of Agriculture) announced that Corvezzo Wine passed through control quality tests on the Organic Prosecco’s production process and obtained  the USDA – NOP certification.

Giovanni Corvezzo is proud of the result achieved: “thanks to this certification, which arrived after a careful control of the organic production model, both in vineyard and in winery, we can finally  come onto the US and Canadian market with the ‘Made with organic grapes label’. This will ensure a more effective protection for the American consumers, which are now becoming very sensitive to the theme of health when it comes to food”.

Cantine Aperte 2015: the discovery of organic viticulture with wines of the Family Corvezzo
25-05-2015 11:24:00

In tune with the theme of Expo 2015 (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life), the traditional feast of the Wine Tourism Movement is dedicated to the discovery of organic farming, with guided tours and wine tasting bio.

Cessalto (TV), May 2015 - Since 1993 Open Cellars is the national event sponsored by the Wine Tourism Movement, the last Sunday of May offers the opportunity to millions of guests visit the most prestigious wineries of Italy, discover the best labels and above all share a common passion for the world of wine.

Also this year the event will be Sunday, May 31, 2015 from 10 to 18 at the winery Corvezzo of Cessalto (TV), with a program that provides a learning path between old traditions and cutting-edge technologies. Available for wine lovers there is an area for the Promotion of Teaching 3500 m2, divided into two distinct but united by the constant dialogue between past and present: a journey through history begins from Casone ancient, faithful reproduction of a typical country cottage, which means furniture and ethnographic exhibition inside allows you to relive the age-old traditions; the company's philosophy and future is rather symbolized by Casone Modern, environmentally friendly structure that has ground floor an interactive wall for olfactory recognition of the various types of wine, and the first floor a library theme. The visit continues in the panoramic room, destined to conferences and multimedia projections, and the barrel room, where soft lighting and temperature constantly monitored provide ideal conditions for the aging of our wines, including the inevitable Organic Prosecco DOC TV and Pinot Grigio . Finally, as if the wait would increase the pleasure, the tour ends in the reception, a cozy wine bar where you can enjoy elegant white and precious red.

The tasting is done through the combination of the most typical products of the Treviso countryside, while a full menu or an overnight stay is available near the farm of the family, so that the route offered presents a unique emotional experience. The entrance to the day and the trail is free, the cost of the tasting is 5 €.

Further information is available email addresses and

Prosecco DOC Treviso Bio protagonist aperitif in Milan with two events dedicated to art and sustainability
18-05-2015 11:43:00

After the huge success of "M-Eating Design", the event that promotes the area until October of canals the binomial design-food and wine, our winery is pleased to sponsor two art exhibitions, offering tastings of its own Prosecco Organic DOC Treviso.
Cessalto (TV), May 2015 - Two weeks from the opening of the Expo, continues the series of events involving the Farm Corvezzo in promoting artistic excellence and winemaking. After the success of "M-Eating Design" - the exhibition of design for the restaurant open to the public until October - our family is pleased to offer the known organic Prosecco DOC Treviso in two other events, which enhance the heart Milan art and sustainable viticulture.
It starts Tuesday, May 19 at the Fashion Library, the historical archive of publishing inaugurated in 1868 and the official information point for Expo2015 fashion: from 18:30 magazine Nurant Magazine - famous for giving space to the illustrations of the best emerging artists - present the new number in an evening marked by debates with journalists, writers and illustrators, and the performance of Roberta Maddalena (visual artist and creativity trainer) and Paul Gozzetti (music producer).
Friday, May 22 at 18:30 instead of the location will be the Museum's Permanent Via Turati is ongoing in the art exhibition entitled "In the shadows In The Sun": the protagonists are the works of Italian Attilio Forgioli and dell'omanita Mohammed At Maamri, in a path that hugs Italy and the Sultanate of Oman in the name of the search for beauty.
On both evenings you can taste our organic Prosecco DOC Treviso, flagship of organic production and symbol of the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Two missed appointments, which promote the Expo in the city art and wine growing, more and more consolidated ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.

On Expo Veneto Corvezzo vinery offers a travel to discover the Organic viticulture
28-04-2015 15:54:00

Among the main events promoted by Expo Veneto - the platform that describes the main initiatives in Veneto at the Expo - there is also the winetour Corvezzo cellar, where traditions and technologies are combined in the name of the organic viticulture.

Cessalto (TV), April / May 2015 - Expo Veneto is a portal designed to promote all the initiatives planned in the region from May 1 to October 31, 2015. The farm Corvezzo, always at the forefront in the defense of the landscape and environmental protection, pays tribute to the theme of the Expo ("Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life") by offering numerous visitors an educational focused on organic viticulture.

The program exposed the website is a real tribute to the architectural beauty of the past and present of the office of Cessalto (TV), characterized by an Area Teaching of 3500m2. It starts from Casone Ancient, faithful reproduction of a typical rural house, which means the original furnishings and ethnographic exhibition obtained in the attic allows you to relive the age-old traditions. business philosophy and future is rather symbolized by Casone Modern, environmentally friendly structure that has ground floor an interactive wall for olfactory recognition of the various types of wine, and the first floor a library theme.
The tour continues in the panoramic room, destined to conferences and multimedia projections, and in the barrel room, where soft lighting and temperature constantly monitored provide ideal conditions for the aging of our organic wines, including the inevitable Prosecco DOC Treviso and Pinot Grigio. Finally, as if the wait would increase the pleasure, the tour ends in the reception, where a cozy wine bar allows you to enjoy elegant white and precious red. The tasting is done by the combination of the most typical products of the Treviso countryside, while a full menu or an overnight stay is available near the farm of the family, so that the path offered gifts unique emotional experience.

Thanks to the photovoltaic intended to farm largest in Italy, the total conversion to organic farming 160 acres of property and the upcoming certification vegan, Family Corvezzo prepares to accommodate the many tourists in the name of the Expo organic viticulture and environmental sustainability.

Corvezzo winery participates at "Meating Design" where food and design come together in the name of sustainability
03-04-2015 09:09:00

The farm Corvezzo in partnership with brand design and textiles, and with a group of established architects, is pleased to participate in the event "Meating Design", which promotes excellence in the heart of Milan furnishing and food .

Cessalto (TV), April 2015 - "Meating Design" is the event promoted by designer brands and textile Zeus, Prandina, Woodnotes and Shuj, and by a group of internationally renowned architects, who will exhibit their projects related to the world food.
Ron Arad, Luca Bassani, Paolo Deganello, Marie Christine Dorner, Krit Jiratkauren, Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Paolo Lomazzi, David Mercatali, Maurizio Peregalli, Othmar Prenner, Philip Protasoni, Daniela Puppa and Franco Raggi are prestigious accessories for restaurants that are were made with environmentally friendly materials strictly, and that will be exposed for seven months from April 13, 2015 at the elegant showroom in Corso San Gottardo.

The farm Corvezzo - always at the forefront of environmental protection - is pleased to participate in the event by offering a collection of artistic labels recently presented at Vinitaly and offering visitors the chance to taste their wines, among all the Prosecco Biological DOC Treviso. A few days before the Salone del Mobile and Expo, Milan is preparing to host the excellence of furniture and food and to become, along with the Family Corvezzo, ambassador of environmental sustainability.

03-03-2015 14:54:00

The collaboration with the artists of the Venetian Academy Compass and a group of intellectuals, journalists and musicians, comes a line of twelve labels giving an exclusive to the stand of Cessalto.

Cessalto (TV), March 2015 - "Vini d'Autore" is the exclusive art project created by the company agricultural Corvezzo in collaboration with the Academy of Compass and a group of writers, academics and journalists share the passion for the 'art and poetry. Was twelve paintings of the Academy of Venice Lido - chaired by Dr. Assunta Cuozzo - were played on many labels, while an elegant bindello lies on the neck of the bottle contains the verses directly inspired by the qualities of each wine.

The perfect symbiosis between modernity and tradition, unmistakable Corvezzo company, is maintained in the style of paintings, ranging from naturalism to abstraction Renzo Andreon Paul Valle, Vladimiro Piva, Luigi Sepe and Ivo Pavone, to arrive at Whether Cubist Gabriel Costantini, present in six labels. Even the nature of the signatures involved in the project is very varied, and includes academics (Adonis Brandalise and Ulderico Bernardi) established writers (Andrea Molesini, Paul Malaguti, Gian Domenico Mazzocato, Laura Simeoni and Jacopo Terenzio), journalists (Edward Pittalis and Roberto Lamantea ) and songwriters (Gualtiero Bertelli and Erica Boschiero), confirming that the passion for wine knows no gender or professions.

In addition, at the space Corvezzo (Hall 8, Stand L3) will be able to admire the paintings and poems in larger format, doing so, including a glass of Prosecco Organic and one of Pinot Grigio, a true artistic journey, which in a few weeks from Expo2015, enhances the excellence of Made in Italy.

Prestigious international awards for Pinot Corvezzo
20-02-2015 19:23:00

CESSALTO - Hong Kong and San Diego reward Pinot Nero and Grigio delle Venezie IGT 2013
Within weeks of Vinitaly, the most exclusive international wine festival, the wines of the Family Corvezzo continue to be a success in competitions around the world. In fact, the Pinot Nero IGT delle Venezie 2013 obtained the Gold Medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards, which places under the scrupulous judgment percent tasters wines from thirty-five countries. This award is reserved for labels that have distinguished themselves for their great quality and that are actually available in the Chinese market, which confirms the great interest in our wines by sommelier, importers and retailers eastern.
Moving to the United States the results do not change: the San Diego International Wine Competition our Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT 2013 totaled 89 points, thanks to which he got the Silver Medal. These achievements confirm once again the absolute quality of the wines Corvezzo, that thanks to their stable presence in the restaurants and wine bars of Europe, United States and Canada, are a symbol of the increasingly consolidated Made in Italy in the world.

Wines Corvezzo protagonists of the Italian Wine Week
03-02-2015 17:31:00

CESSALTO - At the most important event for Italian wine in New York you can taste the Terre di Prosecco Organic Brand and other prestigious labels of the our vinery.
Pending the Vinitaly in Verona in late March, the wines of the Family Corvezzo calling Italian Wine Week, the great Italian wine festival, the scene at the Waldorf Astoria in New York from 1 to 5 February. The event, sponsored by ICE -l'Agenzia for promotion abroad and the internationalization of enterprises italiane- confirms the great passion of Americans for Italian wine, which in the first eleven months of 2014 saw an increase in overseas exports by 6.3% compared to the same period last year.
The winery Corvezzo, permanently settled in the Canadian market and the US thanks to an extensive network of partners, presents an opportunity for the Terre di Prosecco Organic Brand, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco DOC Treviso, available in variants Spumante Extra Dry and sparkling your chance to spread beyond national borders ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, and promoting a product for its excellence has become a symbol of Made in Italy.

Rest time for our nature
08-01-2015 15:41:00

CESSALTO - Waiting for the winter pruning, scheduled for mid-February, the land of the Family Corvezzo spend the traditional resting phase.
Leaving behind the autumn harvest, and also completed the processing of the soil under a row, with the arrival of the new year the centossessanta hectares entirely planted with biological family Corvezzo face a rest.
Under the strict control of the agronomist Filippo Scortegagna and winemakers Bigolin Fabio and Andrea Toffoli, our soils are preparing well to winter pruning, scheduled for mid-February, from which one will produce the agripellet necessary to meet the energy needs of the company.
In addition, our vineyards rested provide the ideal habitat for the proliferation of numerous animal species, first of all pheasants, hares and mallards, that the ranks are able to complete playback. Choose one of our Prosecco Organic Lands of Brand, a Pinot Grigio or any other wine Corvezzo means respecting a territory from the millennial agricultural tradition, which by 2017 will extend to all of our wines are certified organic.

Merry Christmas from our family
23-12-2014 17:29:00

Another year comes to an end, and for the Family Corvezzo 2014 has brought a dowry deep renovations: a company logo and two websites robed captivating, investments at Vinitaly and the Merano Wine Festival, the awards of the most prestigious food guides.
Are achievements that reward our constant search for quality, love for one area, a passion inherited from father to son, the confidence in the new technologies: all values that we are proud to provide our fans, because wine is first of all a joy to share with loved ones.
The hope is to continue to choose the wines of our family, and to enrich the everyday moments, both to celebrate any special event.
From all the Family Corvezzo merry Christmas and happy new year.

Four stars for the Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave
18-11-2014 15:44:00

CESSALTO - The guide Vini Buoni d'Italia has the highest score at the peak of the White Family Corvezzo.
After the prestigious award of the red dot at the Merano Wine Festival, the Manzoni Piave DOC received a new and important certificate of excellence. In fact the guide Good Wines of Italy, published by the Italian Touring Club, has given the wine the highest rating of four stars, reserved only to those labels that - citing motivation - "stood out for pleasure, correspondence to the vine and the territory , fineness, texture and balance. "Moreover, for these very reasons, the flagship of the winery Cessalto was included in the "Wines not to be missed", an exclusive club that counts in Veneto only twenty-three wineries. In the Italian and international Wines Voucher Italy is the only guide devoted to wines made from native grapes and is the result of a careful selection process, made possible thanks to the extensive activities of eighty tasters: the attention paid to local traditions , to the territory and typicality is another source of pride for the winery Corvezzo, from its origins in the forefront of promoting the quality and the most authentic values.


The wines Corvezzo arrive to the Canadian market
17-10-2014 12:23:00

CESSALTO - It's already a very successful partnership taken with Icon Fine Wine and Spirits. 

After the great success on the stage of Vinitaly, and waiting for the Merano Wine Festival next November, the winery Corvezzo is pleased to announce a new and prestigious collaboration that enhances the international prestige of the cellar of Cessalto. 
A few weeks ago was in fact signed the partnership with Icon Fine Wine and Spirits, the company headquartered in Vancouver known for import across Canada the most prestigious wines in the world. Wine bars, restaurants and hotels have already been supplied Ikaro Raboso of the first bottles of Champagne and Prosecco Spumante DOC Treviso, thus putting at the disposal of discerning tasters Canadian products of the highest quality, a symbol of tradition and excellence of Made in Italy. The importance of this operation is also justified by the exclusive participation of only four Italian wineries, two of which Veneto, a figure that rewards the constant pursuit of quality of family Corvezzo and testifies to its presence increasingly pronounced in markets around the world.

At the Merano Wine Festival spotlight on wines Corvezzo
30-09-2014 15:08:00

CESSALTO - At the prestigious food and wine festival will be presented on Organic Prosecco Doc Treviso and Manzoni Bianco Doc Piave, awarded the Merano Wine Award. 
From 7 to 10 November 2014, at the elegant Art Nouveau building Kurhaus, will host the 23th edition of the Merano Wine Festival. During the event, reserved for the most prestigious Italian and international selected ten committees of taste, you can taste the Organic Prosecco Doc Treviso Terre di Marca, this variant Millesimata and Fermented in the bottle: two labels which increase the prestige of the day initial section devoted to Bio & Dynamica and stressing the continued commitment of the cellar of Cessalto towards environmental sustainability. 
In addition to the Manzoni Bianco Doc Piave was awarded the red dot on the Merano Wine Award is a prestigious award given by the Commission Tasting Finale, and that allows the award-winning wines to be presented in the space of high visibility of Merano Wine Award Area and access to all the major international wine events, including the Rome Food & Wine Festival 2014 and the Milan Food & Wine Festival 2015.

The Prosecco Bio Doc Terre di Marca and Zebre Rugby team together to win
10-09-2014 09:30:00

CESSALTO - The Bio Doc Terre Prosecco di Marca support the Zebras Rugby team for the 2014-15 season. 
In Rugby, as well as in the basement, to get the results you need passion, dedication and teamwork. For these reasons, the Farm Corvezzo, sponsored by a prominent family of Cittadella (PD) decided to take the field next to the Zebras Rugby deploying its flagship label: Organic Prosecco Doc Treviso Terre di Marca, in these days during harvest. 
It is a partnership that gives more prestige to the team based in Parma, which for the 2014-2015 season will take part in the Guinness Pro12 Celtic League and European Cup against the most important formations of the old continent. A wonderful opportunity to see the best players and especially to enjoy a delicious glass of Prosecco Organic, emblem of that loyalty that unites the Zebras Rugby and those looking for more quality.

Corvezzo included in the CSR volume of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso
21-08-2014 17:04:00

CESSALTO - The Handbook will collect all the experiences of best practice visit since 2009. 
The farm Corvezzo is pleased to announce its inclusion in the volume produced by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, containing meetings Open Day CSR. The publication, available in both digital and paper form, will be included in the series Profiles Economic and will contain the family experience gained in 2010 as the host company. For a general premise, accompanied by precise photos in high definition, there will be two texts containing the CSR budget of the 2010-2014 four-year period, and commitments for the future in the short and medium term. 
A wonderful opportunity to spread the philosophy at regional and national level, and especially to relive the most important moments of recent years: the organic certification - through which it was possible to produce the new Terre Organic Prosecco di Marca - the conception site gastronomic Wine Tour Corvezzo, not forgetting future projects, first of all the upcoming certification vegan.

At the XVI Enoconegliano Diploma of Merit for the Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave
01-08-2014 12:58:00

CESSALTO - The flagship of the winery Corvezzo distinguished himself at Regional Wine Competition - Selection of Wines Veneto. 
With a score of 81.8/100 Corvezzo the Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave won the Diploma of Merit at the XVI edition of the Regional Wine Competition EnoConegliano - Selection of Wines Veneto. The selection, organized by the Dama Castellana di Conegliano and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, was attended by 117 companies from all provinces of the Veneto region, with a total of 330 wines entered and 2310 evaluation boards. In all the samples that have achieved a minimum score of 80/100, corresponding to "very good", will receive the Diploma of Merit Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Council Chamber of the City of Conegliano. 
In most award-winning wines, including the Corvezzo Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave, can be tasted during the traditional Grape Festival, scheduled for 26 to 28 September 2014 when the City of Conegliano (TV). discovers Corvezzo vinery
30-06-2014 12:43:00

CESSALTO (TV) - In partnership with the Russian tour operator founded a three-day history, art and taste is a major Russian tour operator based in St. Petersburg, specialized in organizing cultural trips in our country. For many years, Mary, Veronica and Corrine driving enthusiasts Russians to discover the artistic and cultural beauties of Italy, combining historical buildings and frescoes tasting of typical products and prestigious labels. The farm Corvezzo is proud to join this fine partnership, hosting, July 9 to 12, the first group of wine lovers Russians. The program includes a visit to the estates of the company, including the Casone Ancient and Modern, and the inevitable tasting, first of all the new Organic Prosecco DOC Treviso, a symbol of the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. 
In addition, in the farm of Le Vigne family Morosina not only will relish products strictly zero kilometer, but there will also be activities show cooking with the chef Roger Corvezzo, confirming the growing interest in cuisine from Treviso. The program also hiking in the prestigious town centers and resorts that surround the winery, for an experience meant to unite Italy and Russia in the name of good taste.

Even Corvezzo with Amorim Cork for the project ETICO
27-06-2014 16:43:00

CESSALTO (TV) - La Cantina Corvezzo adheres to the restoration project of corks sponsored by Amorim Cork, a leader in the field 
The cork is not only able to optimally preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, but it is also a fully recyclable product that is recovered can be used in various applications ranging from green building to the aerospace mechanics, through the clothing, the 'architecture and the production of absorbent materials. 
For these reasons the Cellar Corvezzo has always been at the forefront of environmental sustainability, joined the project with enthusiasm ETHICS, sponsored by Amorim Cork Italian leader in the production of cork stoppers and in 2010 was awarded the "Green Drinks Business Award 2010" for the its green philosophy. It is a real awareness campaign involving numerous non-profit organizations from all over Italy, which will receive € 700 for each tonne of corks collected. Corvezzo The company, which for years has chosen corks Amorim Cork for its prestigious labels, it is next to its historic partner in this important project, where the preservation of the environment meets the commitment in solidarity.


On line the site
03-06-2014 13:02:00

CESSALTO - Birth of the food and wine tour of the Family Corvezzo , with guided tours , tastings and constant promotion of the surrounding area .
In full agreement with the institutional website comes , the portal of the Family Corvezzo dedicated to wine tourism . With numerous photos and captions accompanied you can visit virtually any room of the company , from Casoni Ancient and Modern to Barricaia , through the tasting room and the farm family . The " Territory " provides insight into the major cities accessible from our cellar, first of all Venice , Treviso, Jesolo, Bibione and Oderzo , while the blog offers the opportunity to learn and comment on the news and curiosities from the world of wine every corner of the world. is a tool designed for simple and immediate approach winemakers and wine lovers , and to live our passion for hospitality and hospitality.

Corvezzo joined BMW in sustainability
12-05-2014 16:00:00

CESSALTO - Sunday, May 25th at Open Cellars will be able to drive the new BMW i3 electric car with zero emissions made ??with sustainable materials .
The Family Corvezzo , in collaboration with the Group Motorsport is pleased to present at its headquarters in Cessalto and to offer evidence to the guests of Open Cellars , the new BMW i3 electric car in full harmony with the sustainable philosophy of the winery. This is the first car of the Bavarian house with an electric motor , which ensures zero emissions and noise virtually eliminated . The interiors have been designed with environmentally friendly materials : the skin of the passenger is treated with natural tanning agent based on olive leaves ; The dashboard shows the eucalyptus wood inserts from silvicolture certified and responsible, while the upholstery fabric are made almost entirely from recycled polyester .
A true celebration of nature , which goes perfectly with the goals of the Family Corvezzo , thanks to the solar power plant and the plant biomass , points to the total reduction of polluting emissions .

The Open Cellars resonate with Jazz
23-04-2014 17:38:00

CESSALTO - For the national event Sunday, May 25th are scheduled guided tours, wine tastings, and an elegant finish .

After the successful participation at Vinitaly , the time has come for the winery Corvezzo to renew the appointment with their faithful fans .
Since 1993 Open Cellars is a national event sponsored by the Wine Tourism Movement , the last Sunday of May offers the possibility to millions of guests visit the most prestigious wineries in Italy, discover the best brands and most share the common passion to the world of wine .

Also this year the day will be Sunday, May 25, 2014 , from 10 to 21 at the winery Corvezzo Cessalto , with a full program of events , plus where the protagonists are , as always, the renowned wines of the Family.
Starting at 10 am, will be performed every sixty minutes a guided tour to the teaching of the company : a journey of 3500 m2 from the great educational value , the discovery of the oldest traditions and the most innovative techniques of cultivation of the vine. We will start by Casone ancient, faithful reproduction of a typical rural house, particularly valued for furniture and ethnographic exhibition inside , then continue with Casone Modern, eco-friendly structure equipped with the latest technology, first of all the interactive wall for the olfactory recognition of the various types of wine.
At any time of the day you can taste all the new line of labels , especially the Terre di Prosecco Organic Brand , this variant Millesimata and Fermented in the bottle: new in absolute value , in full harmony with the continued commitment of the family to sustainability environmental .

Finally, starting at 17 at the tasting room of the ground floor will host the musical aperitif named "Wine and Jazz ... " a happy hour at the base of Prosecco and vermouth , accompanied by small delicacies offered by the Inn Disarò Motta Livenza , and the elegant background of a jazz trio . For a more complete menu is instead available for the evenings of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May, the Family Farm near Le Vigne Morosina .
The entrance to the day and the trail is free, while the cost of the tastings , including aperitif in music is 5 € .
For additional information are available email addresses and .

Vinitaly 2014: the next love story
14-04-2014 12:31:00

A few days after the conclusion of Vinitaly 2014, the Cantina Corvezzo the time has come to make a first , the overall budget .
A long journey started months ago, looking for the right project , the ideal able to convey the love for wine and the land that we have for generations. Notable were the obstacles along the way, but when efforts are faced with enthusiasm and dedication, the result is guaranteed .
The experience of VeronaFiere has given us the knowledge to be entered in its own right among the most prestigious wineries and domestic, and we can project with full confidence also in international markets : the Russians, Americans and Chinese were just some of the many known contacts , enthusiastic both of our labels , both of Corvezzo Wine Tour , wine tourism through guided tours in the company aims to enhance the excellence of the Treviso area.
Future goals inevitably pass through the appreciation of our tasters , so a sincere thanks is addressed to all those who visit our booth , they chose to reward our efforts , and to share with us a common passion for the world of wine .
While waiting to meet again in Vinitalty 2015 , the appointment is for Open Cellars of 25 May, the national event sponsored by the Wine Tourism Movement .

Growing waiting for Vinitaly
01-04-2014 17:11:00

CESSALTO - The Family Corvezzo is pleased to host fans at Hall 8, Stand L3 Veronafiere, where will be presented the new cellar.

From 6 to April 9, 2014 Verona will be the theater of the most important international exhibition dedicated to wine. The 48th edition of Vinitaly is cited as the biggest in its history, with more than 100 thousand square meters net sales expectations and delegations from all over the world. The exhibition is ready to participate Corvezzo Family, which on this occasion will show off a new line of labels, the result of decades of passion for quality and the Treviso area. In particular, the spotlight will be on the Lands of the Prosecco Organic Brand, this variant Millesimata and Fermented in the bottle: new in absolute value, in full harmony with Vinitalybio, the area devoted to organic wines certificates, more and more appreciated beyond the borders national.

From the vineyard energy savings
18-03-2014 13:05:00

CESSALTO – Friday, March 28, 2014 at 10 am at our company is planning an event on the production of biofuels from pruning the vines.

Family Corvezzo, in collaboration with Construction Nazarene Marev Srl, Climacqua Energia Srl, the Agricultural Consortium of Treviso and Belluno, Biomass Lab and the University Politecnica delle Marche, has the pleasure to host a workshop on the world of pellet and energy conservation. For a first show will follow the field demonstration of the most modern machinery involved in all stages of biofuel generation, the collection of pruning pruning to produce agripellets. At the end of representatives of the various associations present to discuss the experience, helping to fuel an increasingly topical.

Luca Ferron

The new website is online
10-03-2014 15:00:00

CESSALTO – With great satisfaction the Family Corvezzo is pleased to show fans the new site.

radical modernization visible primarily from the logo - a bunch of grapes in the enclosed decagon, a clear allusion to the shape of the head office - and recover all the products in the cellar. Images in full screen allow you to make a real virtual journey, while the lyrics are simple but comprehensive, revealing all the secrets of the Family and the surrounding area. At the bottom you can see the connections with the main social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Instragram, so that it is not just the graphics to be in step with the times. Finally, the clock on the home page not only articulates the variety of the photo gallery, but it reveals the overall philosophy which is voted the new business course.

Luca Ferron