Our love of wine, the same today as in the past

At the dawn of the last century, in a land celebrated both by the Romans and by the Venetian nobility for its fertility and the beauty of its countryside, the great wine producing vocation of the Corvezzo family was born. From the vineyards of the prestigious Villa Morosina of Motta di Livenza, cultivated by their forefather Giuseppe Corvezzo, to the present centre at Cessalto, founded in 1960 by his son Giovanni and brought to its peak of perfection in the 90's by grandson Renzo, the protagonists have changed but the profound link with the land and the constant search for quality has remained intact. Today, Renzo's children Giovanni and Katia are entrusted with the honour of cherishing this precious legacy from the past, and guiding the winery towards the new challenges of the present. The modern company premises, built using eco-compatible materials, the photovoltaic plant and the commitment to environmental sustainability bear witness to the continued respect the Corvezzo family have for the land and its precious fruits.

A high quality environment,
where repose is guaranteed

A prestigious wine is obtained not only by using high quality grapes, but also by being in avant-garde wine-making locations. The recent upgrading of the company premises has also brought about a fundamental renovation of the winery, where modern technology is perfectly married with the classically inspired architecture and furnishings. Arched vaults, floors made from Istrian stone, soft lighting, the continual monitoring of the temperature and humidity constitute the optimal environment for storing our barrique and tonneau barrels. The utmost safety and hygiene is guaranteed in all the wine-producing areas, while a special area is reserved for the classical Spumante techniques employed in the production of our Raboso Rosé. For generations the Corvezzo family name has been synonymous with reliability because only the best caskets can hold the most precious treasure.

We have cultivated a grand passion for decades

The lands crossed by the Livenza River are some of the most fertile in the Treviso countryside, where vine cultivation has been celebrated since Roman times. The Corvezzo family vineyards lie between the towns of Cessalto and Motta di Livenza, locations with a millennia-old agricultural tradition which are protected today as part of the wine culture itinerary of the ‘Strada dei Vini del Piave’. The white and red-berried vineyards stretch for about 160 hectares, their bouquets making the company's decades-old land all the more unique and unmistakable. If the vines tell the story of this land, our vineyards are without doubt the main characters.

Living a unique emotional experience

“Now we must drink”. The celebrated verse of the Latin poet Horace perfectly captures the guarded anticipation that follows long months of work, from the gathering of the grapes to the ageing of the wine. On the premises there is an elegant wine bar, where it is possible not only to purchase our products, but to participate in a unique emotional experience. Our sommeliers will guide the wine tourist through the tasting of our elegant red wines and our precious whites, accompanied by typical products of the region: a chance to learn about the refined world of food and wine at close quarters, and to undertake an intense sensory journey, in accordance with the motto of the Venetian Wine Tourist Movement with whom we are passionately involved, “drink with discernment”.