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Manzoni Bianco

Technical Specifications:

Valuable, as the name of the scholar who discovered him, as unique as the Venetian lands that produce it, Manzoni Bianco is the flagship of the Family Corvezzo.
From the constant search for quality and environmentally born a refined and elegant, the supreme synthesis between tradition and innovation.

Classification: Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave.
Grapes: 100% white Manzoni 6.0.13.
Formats: 0,75 l.
Package: From 6 bottles stretched.
Service: Serve at a temperature of 11-13 ° C.



Among the most characteristic dishes of Venetian cuisine, saltfish has its roots deep in the past. Cod, the basic ingredient, was fished in the North Sea and dried in the open air on the Norwegian fiords. It was then transported to the Veneto region where every town in the area invented its own particular dish. Whether prepared Vicenza-style, cooked with cream, in tomato sauce or fried, a tasty plate of polenta always accompanies this flavoursome recipe.

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