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2021 Sustainability Report

We are proud to share our first Sustainability Report with you: a document that is the fruit of an important reckoning, in which we present to our collaborators, the various institutions, as well as clients and suppliers, all the concrete actions Corvezzo has taken over the years, and in which we outline our objectives for the future.
A sense of responsibility, and the protection of the resources belonging to the territory from which Corvezzo wines originate are the fundamental values inherent to our mission: for over 60 years we have worked with an increasing awareness regarding the development of sustainable wine production.This journey has resulted in us being a leading company in the sector today.
Corvezzo’s commitment translates to an approach aimed at continual improvement, which has been carried out, especially over the last twenty years, through consistent investments that have transformed the traditional model of cultivation in the vineyard. Of the practices adopted, particular mention must be made of integrated pest management, an activity that we have carried out without the use of herbicides since the mid-2000s, the conversion of our vineyard management to organic means – which, having been initiated in 2010, culminated in the first completely organic harvest in September 2017 –, up to the production of wines without the use of sulfites in 2020. In the winery the focus has been on energy saving: the roofs of the company headquarters were renovated and extensions were carried out, improving thermal insulation to reduce thermal shock in summer and winter; in 2008 a 199kw complete net metering solar panel system was installed on the roof; all winemaking storage tanks and autoclaves used for producing sparkling wine were positioned inside the production area using the most advanced energy saving technology, in order to control the temperature of our musts and wines.
Care for the environment and respect for all of our collaborators, through the promotion of a workplace environment that incentivises inclusivity and motivation are for Corvezzo the cardinal principles presiding over the entire winemaking production process. It is these aspects that have moved us to adopt Equalitas Standards with the objective of translating the company philosophy into concrete fact. We live in complex times full of instability and sudden changes.
This urges us to continue to work towards the responsible development of our business, pursuing the creation of value, especially for future generations. Investing in sustainability means investing in the future: a sustainable business creates value for the territory and the people around it and that live within it, diffusing an increasing awareness of environmental culture, that is able to improve not only our present, but also our future.

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